How to Lose Weight Easily Without Counting Calories

Slimming down is easy. Eat less, exercise more. This is the simple recipe that works every time. It’s so simple it can’t fail – so why is there a multi-billion dollar fat loss industry?

Could it be because we don’t desire to take personal responsibility for our fatness? Could it be because eating less and exercising more requires just a tad too much discipline in this age неослим берн цена of instant everything? Or could it be exactly that the extra weight is really much; the consequence of eating only a little less so slow; and exercise just work?

When you need instant results, you can find no simple solutions. But if you recognise the sense of losing the extra weight over a time frame that enables the body to readjust naturally – then easy solutions are available. Not quick solutions, but easy ones that are effective and long-lasting. Diets offer only short-term success and there is enough of research to prove that nearly all dieters, ultimately, end up fatter than before they began their diet.

The way I view it is this: if you slim down at the rate of 1 lb weekly, that’s 50 lbs in a year. That’s a lot of excess weight gone. In couple of years that’s 100 lbs of weight loss. Accomplish that for four years and there won’t be anything left of you. That gentle fat loss is easily achievable by creating a few small changes. These changes will not make you feeling hungry. They will not require you to ban any foods you want to eat. Nor will they require you to obsess about what’s in whatever you eat. If you prefer it, eat it, is my motto. I’ve lost around 14 lbs now following my own, personal program so I understand this works.

You see the real trouble with diets are rules. Rules make you want to kick against them. That’s because no-one likes being told what to do, and a diet informs you what to do to be able to lose weight. So, if you want to slim down easily, the first rule is’no rules ‘.

Now there’s a problem because’no rules’seems very quite similar as no difference – doesn’t it? But that isn’t what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggesting is that you pay attention to your body. If you are overweight then I can guarantee that a few of the food you eat is eaten out of habit rather than need or desire. Break that habit and that food is no more arriving around your waist. Because it had been just a practice that you will no longer have, you won’t miss that food.

Breaking habits in order to lose excess weight just needs persistence and much less effort than it takes to stay glued to a diet. Just start to notice when you are eating without feeling hungry and stop. If that you don’t notice it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the habit can have you firmly in its grip and you will be’unconscious’to the actual fact that you are eating without need, desire, or enjoyment. Because you aren’t fully aware or in control you can’t do anything so don’t be concerned about it. Just do something about your weight once you notice everything you are doing.

This can be a process that gets easier and easier the more you do it. Test it and see what happens. You will end up surprised because nothing bad may happen if that you don’t eat something. Nothing bad may happen if you stop eating something half-way through. You’ll just get up the next morning feeling great and very happy with yourself understanding that the method has started and you have begun to lose excess weight without dieting.

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